Horrible Harry and The Goog
By Suzy Cline
Illustrated By Frank Remkiewicz
Scholastic Inc.
ISBN 9780670059928
Grades 2-4
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When I was a youngster, there were places in the school that students didn’t go. This was back in the days when Reagan was holding down the White House, Balki was in his prime, and cell phones, well, kinda looked like books.

Call me crazy, but working as a school librarian, it seems that some of the walls between teacher and student have come down. Generally speaking, this has been for the best. “Horrible Harry and The Goog” takes me back to my Peter Gabriel-soundtracked formative years when curiosity over these forbidden zones weighed on my mind.

Harry and his friend Doug just gotta find out what is going on. There is a secret gathering in the library after school for teachers only. The boys decide to stay after and investigate.

Harry’s Grandma shows up with a cake for the secret event and another surprise: Harry’s pet cat, Googer. I’ll be polite and just say that the Goog is unfortunate-looking. In fact, most rats would probably have this cat beat in the looks department. When he escapes in the school, Harry and Doug’s search for the Goog lead them to explore some uncharted school territory.

Younger readers should enjoy the search.