Just when you think you’re never going to hear back from somebody, they call out of the blue. That was the way I felt this afternoon upon seeing an invitation in my inbox to try out Yahoo! for Teachers. After receiving a tip from my School of Information connection, Piet, I signed up to receive a notification when the service went live. I then proceeded to forget all about it. Well the beta version was just released and I’ve been putting it through the wringer.

Yahoo! for Teachers is aimed at helping educators easily create lessons and share them with peers. If that statement leaves you with a mouthful of yawns, I hear you. I should say I heard you. See, Yahoo! has gone and upped the educational ante with a feature called the Gobbler. Once installed, it allows teachers to easily incorporate information they find using a web browser (pictures, educational videos, information) into their lessons. This got me thinking that, if used the right way, Yahoo! for Teachers might just catch on. Maybe in a big way. Alright, I’m going to go ahead and predict that this service will make some waves. The best way to learn about all the whistles and bells associated with this product? Check out the video and links below.

Click here for more information on the Gobbler.

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