Ahh, here’s something new. In the latest Children’s Bookshelf e-newsletter from Publishers Weekly, I came across an article for a new children’s book website called Lookybook – very intriguing. The site makes it “possible to view entire books, from cover to back“. The site also incorporates some social networking-type stuff: books can be rated, added to your virtual bookshelf, and shared. Lookybook’s creator, author/illustrator Craig Frazier, wanted to make the site a place where you “could have the experience of looking at a picture book as in the bookstore” – sounds like a pretty noble endeavor to me.

Currently the site has 200 picture books for your perusal, but look for that number to jump to 1000 by the middle of Aught 8. I tried out some of the titles they have to offer and was pretty impressed. Go ahead and take a loo … uh, go ahead and view the website.