The Lemonade War
by Jacqueline Davies
Houghton Mifflin Company
ISBN 978-0-618-75043-6
Ages 8-11
In Stores

Jessie Treski knows two things that I don’t: her multiplication tables up to 14 times 14, and how to run a successful lemonade stand. Jessie is so smart, in fact, that when summer vacation is over and school begins in a few days, she’ll skip the third grade entirely and go straight to fourthsville. Evan, Jessie’s fourth-grader-to-be brother is not happy with this turn of events and is having visions of his little sister crashing his fourth grade party, showing him up, and generally ruining his classmate cred. Desperate to best his sister at something, Evan puts his people skills to work selling lemonade. When he is put to shame yet again by Jessie, the Lemonade War begins. Evan is fighting for his reputation; Jessie is fighting to show that she can fit in with the fourth grade crowd.
The Lemonade War is an entertaining read with a splash of math and business sense. Many readers will identify with the brother/sister conflict and sense of competition. A quality selection.